Stepped Tank Cartier New York

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In the early 70's even Cartier suffered with their watches during the quartz crises. To keep the prices low, they produced the Stepped Tank in brass (NY) with a 14 (!) carat goldplating and in steel (Paris) with an 18 carat goldplating. They made them in 3 sizes. The rarest of all is the Jumbo as shown in the gallery above. Made by Cartier New York in brass with a 14 carat goldplating, with 4 screws on the back, a protected crown and individually numbered starting with 12. As far as I know it is the only Cartier watch ever made out of brass and with a 14 carat goldplating. Maximum 2500 pieces have been made and production stopped in 1976. That was also the year that La Maison was sold to the current owners. One year later "Les Must de Cartier" was introduced (based on...) In the rich history of the brand this is definitely the odd man out. We know that more and more collectors start to collect Cartier NY watches. This is your chance! Case size: 28mm x 38mm