Cartier Tank Angelina small

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Angelina Jolie's favourite watch: Cartier Tank Must Vermeil black dial and grey roman numerals. In 1977 Cartier introduced their icon in the "Must de Cartier" series. Instead of a golden case, the case of the watch was made of sterling silver, with a layer of 18 carat gold (the French call this Vermeil). Since silver is a very soft metal and so is gold, the case will get some scratches easily and after many many years and the goldplating will wear off. This pretty vintage piece is in its original goldplating (!) Sure it has some minor dents and very tiny scratches, but haven't we all after 45 years? We have given the manual movement a complete service overhaul (January 2024) we have renewd the crystal (so no scratches) and we have put on a handmade (in the EU) real croco strap in black. The dial is also in excellent and original condition. Original C buckle 100% original 12 months warranty