Alligator Straps

€ 210,00


Alligator leather exudes luxury and success. It is the most exclusive and sought-after leather. The surface has a natural enamel that is enhanced to a high glaze, achieved by carefully rolling an agate stone over the skin until it takes on a shine. This process takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour per hide.

This strap is 100% handmade in the EU with great care by inhouse trained craftsmen.

Lining: anti-allergic calf leather.

Thickness: 4.0 mm at watchcase to 2.5 mm at the tip.
Our Alligator skins are all ethically sourced as our leather suppliers worldwide undergo regular audits to ensure their continuous adherence to the global legislation that govern the farming of exotic skins such as Alligator. For all orders outside the EU we only ship with the official Cites documentation.